Congratulations, Claudette, in winning this year's 2019 Dark Poetry Contest!

Claudette Burden, United Kingdom

Congratulations, Claudette, in winning this year's 2019 Dark Poetry Contest with your poem, "Hosting The Monsters!" Your poem is intense, ominous, and full of heartwrenching suspense! And with each verse, your words effectively paint scenes of darkness, or should we say a dark one.

So we thank you for particpating in this contest and congratulate you on your accomplishment. Truly, it is well-deserved.

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Read the Winning Poem Below:


Words cannot express,

How I wish I did not hate.

Anger ravaging my loveless corpse,

Infested, without remorse.

Living death by seeing red,

A language bred, in my Mother’s tongue.

Consumed, tortured inside my head,

Captured by torment.

I was butchered by your lies,

Two halves of a kindred,

Both sides disguised.

Your idea of fun and games in causing pain,

Had barely just begun.

When the time had come,

To welcome you into my playground.

Dragging you down the rabbit hole,

In disbelief,

Into a fairytale where the air reeks,

Where the floor sticks.

My enchanted forest,

Air thick with screams.

Fear squelching underneath your feet,

Curious in the dark, you’ll freeze.

Come closer if you please,

Face to face with your circus freak.

Be careful what you wish upon a star for.

Butchered, thrown to the wolves.

Torn to pieces,

Jester, fools.

You made your mark,

Ingrained heart, etched in regret.

Chained to the wall, dripping with fear.

You’ll lose your mind, don’t crawl too near,

Or too fast.

Inside my mind, demons rule,

Feasting on a soul that once danced.

Behind these eyes, you’ll see black.

Freeing me, your biggest regret.

For they follow me around,

You see.

Echoes of sniggering, mocking me,

In my Mother’s voice.


Silenced by another bad choice.

Until another day,

Followed, consumed,

I host.

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