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Updated: Aug 16

Dear Poets & Writers:

We are happy to announce our winner of the $100.00 Monthly Poetry contest as, Raiza A Dominguez, with her poem, 'Today is a Poet.'

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Raiza Alejandra Dominguez

Instagram @Raizablade

Twitter @raizablades.

Read the winning poem below!

"Today is a Poet"

Today is a Poet

On most days I wish I were a poet

There’s a myriad of feelings inside me and sometimes I think the best way to release them would be in a poem

A safe place where they would stop plaguing my mind and be confined forever

But the feelings never find their way to the page

Often, they are fenced in and trapped as they try to leave my brain

Other times they stop short

just as they are about to make the jump

from my pencil to the page or

from my fingertips to the keys

But today the feelings swelled up inside

Too much for this brain to handle

Too much for this heart to appease

If I can’t be a poet, then I’ll show how today is poetic

Today is a gloomy day

Fog clouding destinations

Today wishes it could stay home wrapped tight and secure in a blanket

away from the gloominess of the world

Today looked at its father;

A kind, giving, and soft man

Today heard them call its father a criminal

And saw those words reach his heart

But today showed up anyway

Today saw a child with the promised sunlight of tomorrow in their eyes

Hope glimmering at the thought of being reunited with loved ones

across imagined lines

Today saw a friend obtain a second chance and

the beginnings of a new life

An impossible life they thought would never come

Arriving much sooner than expected

Today is a poet

And maybe tomorrow will be too

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